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Thread: Shapeways

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    Quote Originally Posted by wsimonton View Post
    Shapeways is a good place to explore the various materials. Their prices are at market for smaller pieces. With larger pieces in SS/Bronze iMaterialize can be significantly less expensive - 20 - 40%. Commercial vendors may advertise lower prices per cc but getting them to do your part(s) based on my experience may not be fruitful.

    See: https://www.shapeways.com/shops/ClimaxShop

    i haven't really explored any other materials other then Silver in shapeways. i have looked at iMaterialize's prices and like the fact that they offer HD Stainless Steel but since i only work with silver, Shapeways has the better prices and no customs charges since they are within the us. i wish iMaterialize offerd their HD Stainless Steel at steel prices, unfortunately their HD Stainless Steel prices are closer to what i pay for silver. I've never really looked into bronze tho, at 40% price, definitely worth looking into. Thanks.

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    I use shapeways for small model railroad details. Here are the latest items I have designed and had printed in their FUD material. More pictures, and details can be seen here: http://nvrr49.blogspot.com/2014/04/l...-ho-scale.html
    Kent in KC

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