more of them than you might expect. Additive manufacturing is an evolution forward from CNC machining and related technologies. Most manufacturing industries will adapt readily to 3D Printing, using it where it is effective and using other technologies where it is not.3d printing service chandigarh kochi uttarakhand Uttar Pradesh india

Some industries (toy design, robotics, medical devices, etc.) are already eagerly embracing 3D printing to reduce prototyping costs (not just equipment and materials, but accelerating the concept-to-test loop).

The home 3D printing boom, if that's what you're referring to, may disrupt certain industries -- but maybe not to the extent people think. Home printing, CD and DVD duplication (and taping before that), etc. have made an impact on various industries, but rarely to the predicted extent. Even with fantastic home 3D printers, economies of scale will still allow large industries to produce many items cheaper and of better quality than home devices -- because, remember, any tech you get at home can also be purchased by the big guys if it's good enough (and they've got the money to both refine it and deploy it on a large scale).