hey guys i want to purchase a good quality prusa i3 printer, of course better at a relatively low price.

I do find one on amazon, it's a DIY kit meaning that you can assemble a prusa i3 printer from scratch.

But the price is a bit out of my budget. So i'm wondering if anyone has the same needs and we can make a

purchase together, use our collective buying power to get a 3d printer at a reduced price.


- - - Updated - - -

The price of the one i saw on amazon is $299, free shipping. I've contacted the seller and was told bulk prices are applicable-- if i purchase at least 5 kits at one time, $100 off for each DIY kit.
Do you guys think $199 is a good price for a DIY prusa I3? It probably is the lowest price on amazon but i guess there's still room to talk about the minimum order quantity and price.
But first of all, i need some companies! Man was born for fellowship, we are not happy unless we have friends. we are not going to get the discounted price unless we have friends, eh?
So if you're interested, just let me know.