Hey all,

I'm having an issue with the stepper motors skipping when doing complex prints on a replicator 2x, after much fiddling i've found that the stepper motor simply doesnt have enough torque to push out filament with enough force, as running the load operation and lightly pinching my fingers around the filament just as it enters the block causes the stepper motor itself to skip (not a result of a worn gear or not gripping the filament enough), it's got a good grip on the filament, it just doesn't have enough power to do anything with it.

After reading all over the place it seems the only proper approach is to increase the power going to the stepper motors by adjusting a pot on the drivers.

I've pulled out the mainboard (Mighty Board Rev H) and taken a closer look at the drivers, all of which have a sticker labeled 2333234, and not anywhere on the mighty board or anywhere on either side of each driver is there a way to adjust the power.

So i'd like to ask a couple questions about where to move on to next, firstly:

1) Are there upgraded drivers available anywhere that allow for more power to the stepper motors?
2) Is the lack of torque even a driver issue, or is it an issue with the stock stepper motors themselves?

I have also tried an aluminium feed block upgrade kit too, but after installing it the filament would not move without additional force applied, because the stepper motor would click constantly and not actually turn or do any pushing.

I'm not scared of taking this thing apart and replacing parts, or even doing a bit of soldering to get it sorted, so if anyone has any ideas on how to give the steppers more torque, im all ears.