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Thread: Dimensions SST1200 : Unexpected contact with Y axis BOT sensor

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    Dimensions SST1200 : Unexpected contact with Y axis BOT sensor

    Hello, the High School that I go to owns a Dimensions SST1200 3D printer. The printer has not been working for over 2 years now. The problem is that it would never get passed the "initalizing" phase of the printer. I managed to make a VGA adapter for the printer to see if anything was wrong within the RedHat operating system, to my surprise no error codes were thrown and the printer was able to boot successfully. I moved on and tried using Hyper Terminal to see if the controller board had any errors. After successfully getting the connection working I was able to use the "fh" command to see if it could find home. The error code thrown after this command is

    01/21/98 22:31:00:575: PClassMotion.cpp:447:INFO:Unexpected contact with Y axis
    BOT sensor:still in over-travel region after backing off by the clearance value
    of 2.250 inches

    I wasn't able to find any information on this error. I was wondering if anybody could help me in fixing this printer.

    When using the "fh" command the head of the printer moves left, hits the limit then repeats a couple of times after this it sends the error code.

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    Might be a bad sensor. If the part numbers match from the sensor in the back to the sensor in the front, swap them and see if you get unexpected contact with Y EOT sensor instead or a 14,08.

    Those are optical sensors in the system. If you have a digital camera or phone you can use the camera to see the infrared light that is uses to detect the flags in the system. To warn you though, some cameras have IR filters on them... Like newer iPhones

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    So I end up order some OPB620 from digikey and replaced all the sensors (Z and Y axis). This ended up fixing to issue and now the printer works again.

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