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    PartsBadger is a new company based in Milwaukee, WI. We specialize in both 3D Printing as well as CNC Machining. Our goal is to make ordering custom machined and printed parts simple and affordable.

    One of the key communities we want to have our services available to is the maker community. For those of you who have ventured in to the machined parts market place you have probably run in to several issues. Things like order quantity minimums, extravagant prices and long lead times. This is assuming you were even able to get a response from some of our competitors. At PartsBadger we know that some of the most innovative and interesting projects are being created by makers. That is why we offer Instant Quotes Online, No Quantity Minimums, No Material Restrictions and a Affordable cost. Simply design your part, enter the dimensions to receive a quote, upload your design file, and in as little as 14 days receive your machined parts.

    So, if you have ever thought about turning that printed part in to a high quality machined part, we can help. Click HERE and receive a extra 5% off of your order.
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    Custom Parts Made Simple

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