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Thread: Hexapod robot: T08A2 / R3000 spider lightweight tank (from GITS)

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    It's a masterpiece... So cool

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    I finally found time to fix electronics.

    Main change: I switched to power source with higher voltage (from 5V to 7.5V) - this gives more strength to the legs. One of the main problems was that it was having hard time standing on the legs after putting so much plastic on it. The robot weights ~5kg now. New and shiny power source:

    Of course RaspberryPi still needs 5V, so I had to put voltage stabiliser. That leads to some energy loses, but who cares when you're not planning to use batteries and you have 26A )

    I also had to switch to shorter and thicker power cables for servos. And better plugs for those cables too. I'm glad I didn't have to pull any new cables through internals of the robot - it would be very hard to do at this point Although I still had to put a relay in the back and some thick cables. It doesn't look nice (when it's open), but it works!

    I found out that servos in arms take 6V max, so I had to put another voltage stabiliser Any change is never as easy as it seems at first sight

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    Happy New Year everyone! I finally found time to get this project going again - there isn't better time than a night of New Year celebration I hope to get a better camera soon and make a final photoshoot....

    Here are some older picture about what happens when your 3D printer messes up your print and shifts half of a piece. Anyway, there is no thing that saw, glue and putty can't fix )

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    Painting the robot was a lot of fun. I've done these layers:

    • Prime color
    • Shadows / light surfaces
    • Weathering details
    • Chiping
    • Rust
    • Weathering sufraces
    • Oil/dirt

    I overdid the chipping, but that's what happens when you're doing it for the first time

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    BTW: people at a maker fair though it's made out of metal. Maybe the chipping is not as bad as I though. LOL.

    One of the goals of the project was to make the robot move in the nice, fluid way. A lot of work went into things that can not be shown by photos - coding and preparing the moves. To make it even more fun I had to redo some electronics - the robot stopped working after just sitting idle for half a year Anyway during the preparations I prepared a storyboards - my final animation was supposed to resemble the original movie:

    I turned my flat into mini photo studio for a couple days

    I'm not a photographer or filmaker - using a tripod is as far as that goes but I decided to try using a couple of spotlights and a smokemachine The smokemachine turned out to be harder than I thought. You basically have to know how to use it. Having a good camera dosn't gurantee making good photos - the same for a smoke machine. Anyway, I needed it for making photos of the lasers, so it wasn't completelly waster Oh, and I haven't reallized that smoke from smokemachine raises straight up. You need cold smoke in order for it to sit on the ground, so I had to improvise that. 5 liter bottle filled with ice cubes served as cooler for smoke:

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    More videos, photos and info:

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    To celebrate the new Ghost In The Shell movie, I made a video about how awesome the tank in the old one was! I loved how it looks so much that I built a robot from scratch and I tried to match the motions as close as I could.


    BTW, the robot in the new movie is not as cool, calm and menacing. Although the rest of the movie visually is amazing.

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