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Thread: Do they make UV Acrylic SLA Resin?

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    Question Do they make UV Acrylic SLA Resin?

    Do they make UV Acrylic SLA Resin? I am looking for one or how to make one, I need a extremely clear resin for my Form 1+

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    Do you mean a fluorescent resin? That lights up under UV-light. There are several additives for water and paint that might work

    But if its just regular SLA resin that's extremely clear you want, then I've found this during my search for different resins

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    we always produce the UV acrylic SLA resin for our regular customers with clear,black,grey and other colors,pls contact us: sales@dervao.com if you still need.
    Dervao Technology- Professional 3D printing liquid photopolymer Resin and Filaments Manufacturer

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    ust a few short months ago, 3D printing with stereolithography was an uncommon and very expensive proposition. Consumer-oriented SLA machines such as the Form1 and the B9Creator are as expensive as the upper echelons of squirting plastic printers and the community behind these machines isn’t even as diverse as the forums for the fly-by-night printers featured on Kickstarter every week.

    This may be about to change with last month’s reveal of the Peachy Printer, a remarkably clever stereolithography printer that requires no special equipment, hardly any electronics, and costs $100. Even if the folks behind Peachy never ship a single unit, their clever engineering ensures that stereolithography will be a staple in the makers toolbox in the near future.

    There is, of course, the problem of material. While plastic filament can be bought just about everywhere, UV curing resin is a little harder to come by and much more expensive per kilogram or liter. Where then does the stereolithography experimenter get their hands on some of this magical material from the future?
    Before we get to the article…

    I’ve been writing a 3D Printing column once a week for a few months now, and I’m running out of ideas. If you have something in the 3D printer world you’d like to see covered in a little more depth than the standard Hackaday post, send in a tip. I’ll send you a few Hackaday stickers if it’s a good idea. 3d printing visakhapatnam chandigarth kochi india

    This stuff is really complicated

    Needless to say, the market for SLA resin is a bit complicated. Some printers use DLP projectors, others use lasers. Some printers require a low viscosity resin while in others it doesn’t matter as much. This has a direct effect on what types of resins can be used with which printers. The market is so convoluted there’s no standardized unit of how to sell resin; some sell it by volume, others sell it by mass. For better or worse, the makers behind these SLA printers have stepped in and are selling their own resin.
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