Make First Print a Good Print

Achieving the perfect print on the first try doesn’t happen often. There are many things that can go wrong. You’ll be thrilled to hear about this software that can prevent those mistakes before they happen that way you can make your first print a good print.

“The machine-specific software can simulate the build directly from a CAD file and identify areas where the part will change shape during the print. The engineer can then adjust the part or use the built-in deformation correction capability. This automatically adjusts the print plan so that the stresses incurred during printing distort it into the correct shape.”

“The vicious cycle of prototyping cost manufacturers time and money. These issues can continue indefinitely, because basic challenges have to be solved before the build can move forward. Even worse, these events can cascade as larger projects get backed up due to the troublesome part—creating significant loss-of-opportunity costs. By innovating around the most common problems, advanced AM systems head off the thorniest, costliest conditions before they happen. Nothing beats getting it right the first time.”


Make your first print a good print. Learn more about this software and read the full article here.