Underwater 3D Printing

You may wonder why anyone would need to 3D print underwater? Additive manufacturing technology will solve problems relating to the repairing of seabed-level pipelines. A Norwegian subsea robotics company called Kongsberg Ferrotech is the development phase for this new and improved 3D printing technology.

The technology is designed to simply add on to their existing aquatic robotic systems. The metal 3D printing functionalities will be utilized, more specifically, to carry out remote maintenance on damaged underwater infrastructure and will even be responsible for rebuilding such infrastructure when necessary.

“Advanced subsea robots give the customer major savings in both cost and time – performed in an environmentally friendly manner – without producing discharges to the sea,” said Christopher Carlsen, CEO of Kongsberg Ferrotech. “Our solutions have been in development for the past five years, and we will begin offering underwater composite repairs to the Southeast Asian market in Q3 2021.

With our inspection, maintenance and repair (IMR) – Robotic Technology, we bring the workshop to the damage- not the damage to the workshop.”

This is just the beginning of the exciting opportunities 3D printing is bringing underwater. Though this underwater 3D printing project is just in the early stages of its life, the 3D printing pipe- repairing approach has great potential. Want to learn more? Grab the full article here.

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