The First Certified 3D Printed Face Mask

Many are harnessing the power of their 3D printers to assist in the production of PPE. However, those home made products are not technically certified to use. The National Institutes of Health certification just announced the first certified 3D printable respirator mask.

“‘It sends a signal to those people downloading it that this has gone through a vetting process,” Roberts said, adding the mask was approved for first responders such as firefighters, police, rescue workers and other emergency personnel, but not for use in medical facilities. “That it’s a rigorous examination they’ve put it through and they’ve provided us feedback…. It’s a vetting that should provide some comfort to those that are printing it and handing it to first responders.’

Instructions for making the reusable masks had been downloaded more than 35,000 times in 117 countries as of Friday.”

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