Team of Students Design Award Winning Heat Sink

Mechanical engineering students at Purdue University successfully designed an award winning 3D printable heat sink.

“The sharkskin inspired design took the #1 spot at the Virtual Student Heat Sink Design Challenge, a U.S. university competition organized by the ASME K-16 Committee and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). The challenge was also backed and sponsored by global conglomerate GE.”

The design challenge urged students to develop a heat transferring device from electronic components to make sure they remain cool. The technology would be judged on the basis of heat removal, manufacturing cost and lastly the amount of material it takes to produce. These three components prompting students to not only focus on innovation, but also waste management and sustainability.

“Soumya Bandyopadhyay, a Ph.D. student on the Purdue team, states: ‘The key to having high-performance electronic devices is keeping them cool. In the last decade or so, additive manufacturing has enabled us to come up with innovative designs for new advanced thermal solutions.'”

“The four engineers that made up the Purdue team – Soumya Bandyopadhyay, Julia Meyer, Adeline Naon, and Saeel Pai – started their journey back in January. The first few days were spent brainstorming with pen and paper, and the team decided to draw inspiration from nature. It was then that they settled on a shark skin-inspired geometry for their heat sink.”

Are you interested in reading the full story? Learn more about the characteristics of the technology’s surface texture and so much more, here.

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