Reinventing Chocolate for the Digital Age

In the 3D printing world, the main ingredient to create a good product is usually filament.

Some makers though, like to experiment with other mediums, sometimes edible ones.

Ryan L. Foot is one of them.

The artist, inspired by architecture and the natural world, works with a very tasty ingredient: chocolate.

Foote’s creations are made using 3D printing, allowing him to create fascinating, intricate shapes. He combines 3D printing with traditional chocolatier techniques for his eye-catching designs.

The results almost look too pretty to eat. Not eating them, however, would be to miss out on some fantastic flavors.

For the last few years I have been working on reinventing the traditional soft centered chocolate for the digital age,” said the artist. “There have been some exciting things happening in the bean-to-bar space but I felt the traditional bonbon has remained more or less the same.”

Although 3D printing is not a new thing in the world of chocolate art, Foote took it to the next level by combining exotic flavors with technology.



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