Recycled Plastic Filament

A printing service bureau, called Lancashire3D, has launched a line of sustainable filament. Unwanted parts and wasted filament are the two sources that produce the extrusion material. 3D printing responded impressively quick when it came to working toward a healthier world. For example, by introducing recycled plastic filament.

“Aiming to be an “Eco Responsible 3D Printing Studio,” a significant goal of Lancashire3D is sustainability.  In order to reduce its environmental footprint, the company ensures that 95 percent of its waste production plastic is reclaimed and recycled into sustainable 3D printing material. The recycling is completed onsite, to further reduce its carbon footprint by not transporting to external recycling centres. Lancashire3D offers to 3D print products using a PET plastic material. The material is 100 percent recycled, for example, whereas its ABS plastic material is up to 64 percent recycled.

Major 3D printer manufacturers are also taking a more sustainable approach towards production. Silicon Valley-based DLS company Carbon recently released its new RPU 130 resin. 30 percent of the resin is made from Susterra propanediol, a plant-based material from DuPont Tate & Lyle, a company specializing in bio products. Leading German 3D printer OEM EOS recently appointed a new CEO in Marie Langer, who aims to bring out the “positive environmental and social benefits” of 3D printing by focusing on sustainability. “

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