Production of 3D Printed Lithium-Ion Solid-State Batteries Begins

Batteries really do support so many different necessary functions around the world. Battery technology hasn’t drastically changed much over the years, in terms of how they are produced. Advancing the process of battery production is in the works and it involves 3D printing.

Blackstone Resources AG, a Swiss Holding company, is determined to bring solid-state lithium-ion batteries that are produced with 3D printing technology to market. Reaching many milestones, the technology is reportedly heading in the right direction. There are many linked advantages associated with developing batteries in this way.

“Working with its subsidiary German company, Blackstone Technology GmbH, Blackstone Resources AG ‘is convinced that it can produce reliable lithium-ion batteries with higher energy density levels, in large quantities and at lower costs,’ as per its press release.”

One positive about solid-state batteries is that they’re safer to use, as they aren’t flammable. However, they typically cost more to manufacture.

With Blackstone’s new 3D printing technology, there can be higher numbers of charging cycles and the cost is low. Moreover, it packs over 20% more energy density and offers more production flexibility with regards to the cell format.

Now that the system has been successfully tried and tested, the next steps will be to start producing the 3D printed lithium-ion solid-state batteries and see if it’s possible to do so at mass-production levels.”

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