Nuclear Technology Uses 3D Printing

The marriage of 3D printing and nuclear technology isn’t as new as you may think. 3D printing has been producing nuclear parts for a couple years now. The most recent advancement is a true wow factor, researchers at Oak Ridge National Laboratory are working to 3D print a nuclear reactor core.

“In 2017, Siemens achieved the industry breakthrough with the first successful commercial installation and continuing safe operation of a 3D printed part in a nuclear power plant. Because of the stringent safety and reliability requirements in the nuclear sector, this was an amazing achievement because the components used by nuclear power plants must be robust, reliable, resistant to high temperatures and go through more regulatory and QA hoops than any other industry. 3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing, is an innovative technique that simplifies the manufacturing process by going directly from 3D models to actual parts. Additive manufacturing reduces cost, improves quality and design flexibility, and eliminates conventional manufacturing limitations.”

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