An Interactive Map of 3D Printing Technologies

3D Print Media Network, in collaboration with the 3D Printing Business Directory, recently created and published the first interactive map of commercially available 3D printing technologies.

The map, created to function both as a research and business development tool, features all the main players in the additive manufacturing landscape.

The tree-like chart includes 132 vendors across 38 different 3D printing processes within five different material types.

By clicking on each company and relative technology (in the outermost boxes, the ones with a white background) you will access the 3D Printing Business Directory page for that company, will all their relevant contact information in case you need to reach out.

Clearly, not all the AM hardware manufacturers could be represented on the map (3DBD currently lists over 800 companies).

So how did they select the companies to feature? These are the criteria we followed:


1. The historical relevance of a company (did they invent the technology? Have they been around for decades?)

2. The disruptiveness of a company and its technology (did they invent a particularly innovative process?)

3. The financial power of a company (are they well funded? Do they have a large Group behind them?)

4. A company’s engagement with 3dpbm

5. A company’s commercial success (do they sell a lot of 3D printers?)


One thing is sure though. Although the number of featured companies is far smaller than the actual amount of AM hardware vendors, it is large enough to give an understanding of how the extension and diversification of the 3D printing industry, and we are pretty sure that this number is destined to keep growing.


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