AI-Software for Metal 3D Printing

New software tools help enhance 3D printing technology. Inspire Print3D is a simulation AI-software for metal 3D printing.

“Inspire Print3D from Altair is a ‘fast and accurate toolset to design and simulate the manufacturing process for selective laser melting (SLM) parts.’ Developed by the Solidthinking division of the multinational IT company, Inspire Print3D is the company’s lastest simulation tool It allows designers and engineers to use a thermo-mechanical approach to generate designs then modify and evaluate by adjusting process variables.

One advantage additive manufacturing confers over traditional processes is the ability to produce parts at strictly the required quantity, rather than say injection molding which has minimum production runs in the hundreds, and often thousands. However, this advantage can be swiftly eroded if multiple print runs are made during the process of finding the optimal way to 3D print a component. With this in mind simulation software is an attractive proposition that should free-up machine time, reduce material wastage and even enhance the final design.

James Dagg, Altair chief technology officer, design and simulation solutions said, ‘Inspire Print3D is the latest of our manufacturing tools, and we are very excited to present it to the design engineering and additive manufacturing communities.’

‘With Inspire Print3D, companies can now reduce development and manufacturing costs by minimizing part supports and reducing material usage, print times, and post-processing.’

Metal additive manufacturing takes place in a high-energy system, with a considerable number of variables that can affect the final component. Experienced engineers and designers will take into account these variables to account for factors such as residual stresses and material characteristics that can lead to faults such as part deformation or separation of layers aka delamination. Altair says that Inspire Print3D is able to detect and correct such flaws.”

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