A New Way of Storing Clean Energy


Credit: sculpteo.com

What if we could use 3D printing to effectively store energy coming from renewable sources?

That’s a question that researchers from the Clemson University in South Carolina are hoping to answer soon.

The team is, in fact, working on a new technique involving rapid laser processing that would allow converting electricity into hydrogen in order to store energy.


 How does it work?

The new technique consists in storing energy coming from solar or wind power in storing units called “protonic ceramic electrolyzer stacks”.

The researchers were able to manufacture these stacks, made of four different types of ceramics, by combining 3D printing and laser processing technologies, thus creating new, exciting opportunities for 3D printing technology.

The new laser 3D printing technique has the potential to make hydrogen production cheaper, and also reduce the size the electrolyzing devices. The same technique could be applied to 3D print other types of ceramic products, including batteries and solar cells.

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