3D Printing and Construction: the Time Has Come

3D printing and the construction industry are definitely not new to each other.

If you follow additive manufacturing news, chances are that you came across articles proclaiming construction 3D printers as the next big thing and praising houses 3D printed in less than 24 hours.

How much of this information is actually true?

Unfortunately, despite what the mass media say, delivering a finished house in 24 hours is still not a possible thing. Although massive 3D printers can de facto print the structure in one day, there are many more aspects that often get overlooked with the intent of attracting new readers.

3D printing technology, however, has the intrinsic capability of penetrating and disrupting the construction industry and this might be the right time to do it.

As Mary Ann Azevedo, a TechCrunch contributor who covers startups, recently reported:

“Historically, the multi-trillion-dollar sector has been slow to adopt new technologies, as builders rely on a variety of disparate systems to manage projects, traditional building methods to construct homes and non-smart materials.

But a wave of startups is looking to capitalize on opportunities within the (constructions) sector. Companies that have developed software solutions aimed at streamlining processes and increasing efficiencies are increasingly common. Prefab construction has evolved thanks to innovation in that space, and 3D printing technology can create homes in a matter of days.”  

She goes on to explain that investment in US construction startups rose by over 300% in 2018, with more set to go in 2019.

There’s no doubt that the market is ready to change and evolve. But to do so, new coming startups need to find a way to leverage 3D printing technology to create solutions that will revolutionize the way we build.

It will take time for this to happen, but it feels like the time for advanced construction has finally come and the new players are headed in the right direction.


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