3D Printed Hands-Free Door Opener Eliminates Contact With Door Handle

3D printing technology is making this difficult time a bit more tolerable. It’s said that the creativity of mankind is pushed to the next level during pandemic like situations. Additive manufacturing is truly bringing that claim to fruition. With respiratory valves developed by Italien 3D printing startup Issinnova, more lives are being saved. Hands free door openers are controlling the spread of the virus. Keeping the virus off the hands thus keeps the virus off the face. When Materialise learned that COVID-19 can live on surfaces longer than initially expected, it took the company less than 24 hours to bring the hands-free door opener concept to reality.

“The hands-free door opener can be fitted to a door handle without drilling holes or replacing the existing door handle. The first model can be attached to cylindrical handles and Materialise plans to introduce additional designs using different 3D printing technologies as needed in response to the spread of COVID-19.

The idea for the 3D printed door handle originated at an internal meeting to define measures to protect Materialise employees and visitors. It soon became clear that more people could benefit from this design and the company decided to make it available for free. Anyone with access to a 3D printer can download the design and 3D print it locally in a matter of hours. Through this technology, the 3D printed door opener could become available all over the world very quickly. In 2018 more than half a million 3D printers were sold globally.”

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