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    Lightbulb Help Medical Workers Directly By 3D Printing PPE!

    Our essential workers are in need! With a 3D printer, you are capable of making a real impact. Print For The Cure is a web-platform seeking to connect essential workers in need of PPE with makers, who can produce PPE at home. Tens of thousands of pieces of PPE have already been requested on PrintForTheCure, and many requesters have stories to tell about their work directly with Covid-19 patients. But there are not enough people to help produce the PPE they need to work safely! Helping out is simple--essential workers first request for PPE from a limited catalog and amount, then registered donors on the website (this can be you!) can "claim" requests for PPE, then 3D print and arrange delivery for the PPE. You are connected directly with the workers you are donating to, and you may receive monetary donations for a successful PPE donation! Full reimbursments are also provided if needed by Print For The Cure.

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