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    Thumbs up Latest 3D Printing Technology

    AFPM stands for Advanced Fusion Plastic Modeling. It is in-house developed and patented 3D Printing Technology by Divide by Zero Technologies, Navi Mumbai, India. AFPM is far superior and reliable 3D Printing Technology compared to the conventional FFF and other such 3D printing technologies now available since decades across the globe. AFPM is currently equipped only on AION 500 series of 3D Printers manufactured by Divide by Zero Technologies.

    Key features of The AFPM Technology :

    Adaptive Flow-rate and Temperature control.
    Material Strength.
    Deposition rates.

    3D Printing
    AFPM helps control temperature and material flow in variable layers of printing which gives us better material control resulting stronger adhesion in layers which means better printed part strength.

    Material Engineering
    AFPM is based on strong R&D in material sciences, which means material that gives better output in terms of surface finish and part strength. In some test results, it is at par or even better performance when compared the SLS parts.

    Software Development
    AFPM gives you a better software control because of which based on geometery and minute features of part, software decides best orientation and helps in selective layer temperature alteration, so that detailing can be worked on.

    To know more about Technology: Advanced Fusion Plastic Modeling

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    This is very useful in terms of 3D printing as it is controlling the work of printing temperature and material flow.

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