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    Dimension Elite Support Clogging / How to change temp with MaracaEX

    Hello, I've run into an issue with our Dimension Elite support side clogging. I'm using a brand new spool of P400 soluble support. In maintenance mode the support will feed through just fine and will continuously feed with no issues. But, when I stop the purge the inlet or tip will clog. I reverse the spool, cut the tip off and re feed the material and it purges just fine again? When I stop the purge for more than 30 seconds it clogs again? I think the temperature is set too low? I have Maraca EX so I can adjust the temp but it doesn't appear to change the temp on the machine? I think I'm doing something wrong. The set temp is 255 but I think I should set it higher to keep it form clogging? Can any one let me know how to increase the temp a little?

    I'm also looking for the "Dimension BST /SST Service Guide"

    Any help is greatly appreciated

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