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    Uprint 14, 06 error . unexpectec contact with X-axis EOT sensor

    Nile has posed similar to the but with hist sst and y axix... the uprint does not have the potential to change the sensors around.

    i am currently trying to get the machine to run in maintenance mode so that i can dry my material.. the unit has been in storage for months.
    the machine will run through calibration fine, but when i initialize the maintenance mode on the head, the z axis drops about an inch, and then it instantly goes into reboot mode with the 14, 06 error. i will try other processes, but any suggestions would be welcome.

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    Try to clean the conectors. My HP DesignJet Color 3D (aka UPrint SE Plus) had the 14 67 error and was the dust on conections. I cleaned every male and female plug with with PCB contact cleaner and solved.

    If nothing happens open MaracaEX to check if home a limit boxes are checked. If so, check limit switches or check the umbilical with a tester.

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