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    Support Material [SUP 707] not depositing after short downtime EDEN 260VS

    Came back from a 12 day break and the printer printed a bunch of objects with very little support material deposited. There is plenty of support material remaining in the cartridge and the printer shows that it used the same amount as it estimated. No printer errors as far as I can tell, just deformed objects with a tiny bit of support in some sections.

    Test print on paper shows first four heads are not working and leave just a few line traces on the required 'columns' of print lines which correspond to each head.

    {can post pics when I figure out how to do that on this forum}

    Fisrt trouble shooting step I'm trying is to replace the material [with the same cartridge as I don't have another presently]

    Any ideas of what might cause this?

    Perhaps a blockage in the line that runs up to the hot end from the cartridge?



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