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    Reusing Model Bases With Breakaway Support

    Hi. I've been using Uprint SE printers to do some printing of 3D models. The model bases are supposed to be a one time use part. I've heard of using a glue stick or hairspray to help with adherence after using the base, but this doesn't seem to help with parts that are not small.

    It has been standard practice in this lab to wash bases after using soluble support in order to get more than one use out of a base. Has anyone heard of this helping with soluble support as well?

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    I have a dimension and after the tray becomes "used" up, I cross hatch the plate with 60 grit sand paper. I used to garnet blast the trays but found a good wash and sand works fine. Don't touch the surface with your fingers, Ive been rotating through the same 5 build trays for a number of years now.

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