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    Need Help: Dimension Elite Error Code 14,66. Machine shuts down when Finding Home

    My Dimension Elite stops with Shutting Down, Error Code 14,66 during Finding home.

    This machins is very seldom used.
    Does anybody knows, what this code means, or could solve the same Problem ?
    Thank you

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    the 14,66 error is the machine failing to flag the X home sensor. I would check out the gantry first to see if there is anything that could be causing the issue with the head not moving into the sensor. The X home sensor is an optical sensor sitting behind the drive pulley to the left of the motor. Power off the machine and move the head over to see if the flag on the gantry frame passes through the sensor. if it does, power on the machine and watch it home to see if it does it too.

    Could be a motor issue, cable in the sensors connecting to the PDB or the PDB itself if the gantry checks out.

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