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    Error Code 14, 117

    I have a Dimension BST 1200 and am receiving an error code of 14, 117 when trying to print.

    It will power on, find home and be ready to wait for the model. I can send the model to the printer and it will find home and begin warming up. As soon as it warms up and gets ready to print it makes a sound as if it is trying to move in a direction it can't and then puts up the error 14, 117.

    I have tried a different file as well to see if it was an issue with the file I was trying to print and still the same results.

    From what I can tell the error code means: A Command Failed While Modeling

    Any suggestions of how to begin troubleshooting or fixing? Thanks!

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    This is the suggested course of action from the troubleshooting manual.

    Error: 14, 117 A command failed while modeling

    1. Download CFG file - check error code details
    2. Toggle failure - reference 14.129 and 14.130
    3. Check for loose pins on J12.
    4. Possible bad 24VDC connection to head motor. Remove shrink tubing from 24VDC tabs at the motor.
    If wire is loose at the tab, re-solder the wires to the motor tabs or replace motor.
    5. Gantry/part calibration values have been set to zero - check using Maraca. Download CAL files
    to restore values.
    6. Replace PDB. (U8 chip failure)

    I hope this helps.

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    Did you ever fix this? I get this error in the CFG

    May 8 02:57:14 MASTER eventMon: eventMon.cpp:428:controller command failed: fz 1f command = 61

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