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    Dimension SST 1200es Boot Problem - Only Display and fans turn on

    Hi all,

    My Dimension SST 1200es printer just stopped working and doesn't boot anymore. I hope that anyone can help me to narrow down what is causing the problem.

    The problems started when I wanted to change the model material. After navigating through the menu and pressing the unload model material button it stopped responding and the printer didn't unload the material.
    So I tried restarting the machine by turning it off and back on manually by disconnecting the power cable. The first time it booted I think two dots appeared on the display but it didn't boot even after waiting for hours.
    So I restarted the machine again, this time only one dot appeared on the LCD display but it didn't boot.
    After a few unsuccessful attempts to restart the machine by disconnecting the power manually it now doesn't show any information on the display at all.
    When I turn it on, the fans start spinning, the background illumination of the LCD turns on but there's no information on the display at all. I can hear a little beep sound from the motherboard a few seconds after I turn the machine on. The machine doesn't warm up and it doesn't try to find home.

    I assume that the problem must related to a defect of the embedded computer because it doesn't boot anymore, maybe a defective hard drive. I haven't opened the printer yet so I'm not sure. Do you guys have any recommendations on how to narrow down what the problem might be.

    Any help would be much appreciated.



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    Hello Michael,
    1, You must check the linux on hardrive. ON my SST768 and BST768: I made a monitor cable and keyboard pinout to control the linux.
    2, Maybe the linux doesn'T start. Wait 1-3 hours. Linux check the file system. Maybe only run the file system check.
    3, You can monitor the Stratasys controller with serial cable and hyperterminal.

    BUt first time. WAIT 1-3 HOURS after powered on!!!!!

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