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    Dimension Elite Gen 2 Electronics Error Code 14.113 - DOOR LATCH

    Hi Folks,

    The factory has stopped working with me on this issue so I'm turning to you guys. I have done an internet search on 14.113 and it seems to be a common issue. However there are no solutions to be found. I have a Dimension Elite with PWB Power Distribution Board 202142-0004. I am getting Error Code 14.113 upon startup indicating that the Door Latch will not activate. And yes, at that point the latch can not be heard clicking in place. When the Error Code comes up the printer will not boot any further. Using a DC power supply the latch solenoid will actuate at 6 Volts and draw 220mA. It will deactivate at 2 Volts and 50mA. So correct me if I'm wrong but I believe the solenoid itself is fine.

    My question is: Does anyone know the circuit/components on the PWB that are supposed to be driving the Door Latch Solenoid? There are no visibly damaged components on the board. I'v tried tracing the circuit out without success. A schematic of the board would be of great help - or just a diagram of the part that drives the solenoid.

    Any direction of assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks...!

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