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    How to clone a Drive from a Dimension Printer

    Hello -

    I thought I'd post a thread to keep track of how to clone a drive - or not. My experience falls entirely in the 'how not to' category - so hoping someone can inform me the right way. Ive read numerous threads on here, and tried to follow them, but nothing seems to work.

    I have used same HDD type/size as the source. - 20GB IDE drive
    I have used a intel SSD larger than the source - 80GB SATA drive

    My PC does not have an IDE connector, so I used an adapter to get from SATA connector in the PC.

    I have failed to copy using:
    Directly copying the drive contents from one to another. Using Win7, Ubuntu
    Acronis True Image from Win7
    Clonezilla booted from a USB stick

    Anyone else have success or failures to post? I'd really like to know how to do it. Does anyone know if I can use a GEN 1 HDD image with a GEN 2, or GEN 3 machine? This is my last ditch effort, before dumping the machine innards and converting it to an open source setup. It's a BST768.

    Any Help is greatly appreciated!


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