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    How to calibrate the SST1200es printer after refurbishment? "new belts and so on"

    Hello together,

    can somebody please help me? We work with an Dimension sst1200es FDM printer and we want to set the printer best possible after the refurbishment. (Similar like our older 768 BST printer)

    The problem is that we have bad tolerances in Z-axis and also the Lash / Hysteresis look bad. (The belts are renewed and the printer is maintained well through us)

    Now the question: In the 1200es printer arent installed the calibration-parts for the hysteresis and lash fine calibration. How can we set the correct parameters now? Only the calibration part for the „XY Tip Offset“ is installed at the 1200es printer.

    Can somebody send me the calibtration datas for:

    1.) the Y Lash Hysteresis setting, named „test_lash“
    2.) „test_ATP“ for X Adjustment after Gantry assembly.
    3.) „test_XY_cal“ for final settings after maintenance.

    Or is there another way for the fine calibration of the 1200es? Thanks in advance for your support.

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