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    BST 1200 Error code 14,86

    Well, after lengthy de-bugging of my new (used) BST 1200, I've reached a dead end.

    The history:
    I got the printer and it was stuck in calibration mode. It successfully printed the Z calibration, but failed on the XY calibration print b/c the machine wouldn't maintain a build envelope temp of 75C. I reset that temp to 68C using maracaEX and successfully printed the XY calibration.

    The problem:
    Now when I try to print a part, my machine starts the print, calibrates, cleans the head and then throws a 14,86 error code at 2% complete. The service manual says to cycle power and/or replace the control board. Cycling power, obviously, doesn't work.

    Any thoughts on fixing this thing w/o having to replace the control board? Any help is appreciated.

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