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    Unfortunaltely I've had the same issues with this software and don't know what went wrong.
    But I was able to recover the chips with my batch file creator and communication via putty.
    GitHub - 256FF/Refill-uPrint-EEPROMs: Batch files for creating data to refill uPrint EEPROMs via DIAG-Port and a serial connection

    You have to use putty to get the UID.
    Therefore type (for model bay 0)
    er 0 0 0 128
    Refill gewuenscht? PM auch gerne auf Deutsch!
    Printer: Stratasys Dimension sst 1200es | HP Designjet 3D (aka Stratasys uPrint)
    Refill-Systems: RPi 3 B & Arduino UNO clone

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