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    SLA/DLP are resin fumes a concern?

    Hi all.
    I am new to this forum and I will make my presentation post later on.
    I am about to embark on the 3d printing world. So far I have narrowed down my search to dlp printing.
    The pretended use is engineering by aiding in the design of parts and prototypes mostly in mechanical applications.
    My concern is about the fumes, toxicity there of or odor -in the least importance- of the resins used; since I am pretending to use the machine in a house setting where there are pets and sometimes children. Of course the office will be isolated but vapors and fumes tend to be ubiquitous. Is any one using these types of machines in such circumstances? Is this a genuine concern or is the effect negligible?
    I am considering Moonray from Sprintray.

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