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    Need you help to find the right printing company

    Hello everybody
    Im new to the community and would to say hello
    I wonder if anyone can help and direct me to the right supplier as im looking enywhere I can..

    I have a 3D design of a scale models which require a thin layers. many small details. a great results acehived using a 20 micron layers (a 30 micron gave good results as well). (SLA, envision printer if im right)
    The thing is- Its about 7.5 inch long and in the past, a similar model printed in 3 pieces, then bond back to one piece- and I want it to be printed in one, single piece.

    Really I cant find the right supplier.

    Im pretty frustrated as talks with many companies by now and its either 50 micron layers (too thick layers and some details will be ignored during printing process)

    Thank you

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