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    Build plate adhering issues

    I have been having an issue where items are printing but not printing, leaving an odd gap between the build plate and the start of the base layers. I attatched a picture showing the front side (where the issue normaly is). I have tried multiple slicing methods, increasing layers and cure time for bottom layer up to 12 layers and 100 seconds(at the highest), and ive adjusted a few of the other properties as well just to see. I did replace my FEP film before the print i have pictured, and i have re zeroed everything to make sure its flat. My built plate does have scratches on it but i would say its much worse on the side that adheres better. I am guessing it has something to do with my build plate, I clean it with alcohol between each print.

    Assuming i need a new build plate, but wanted to be sure it couldn't be a different issue i am missing.
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