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    Building a 3D printer - Good quality OpenSource / OpenHardware

    Dear fellow users,

    I am in the process of gathering information to build a 3D printer / CNC combination or just 3D printer. Whatever I find I will share on this forum. Everyone is welcome to join and comment as we go along.

    Just a word of caution, I am very busy most of time so the project may take a while. If during the process I find a 3D printer that is cheaper to buy than to build I will share and shelve the this project and move onto CNC cutting.

    However if I feel the 3D Printer is sub standard I will continue with the project to produce a better. There may be a few iterations though but we will get there.

    I have no CAD or CNC experience i.e. this is not my day job. I have a little electronic experience and a lot of programming experience embedded and large Software Enterprise development experience i.e. full stack. So I have some skills to offer but other chaps / ladies who can fill in the gaps to enable us to make this work.

    That's it for now I will post when I have a couple of minutes to do so.


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