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    Question Need recommendations for my investment project

    Hi guys,

    I am Hicham and I am an engineer in maritime physical sciences and I seek advice. I think I can't find a better place than this forum to ask for advice.

    I am starting a 3D printing start-up in Morocco and I plan to invest around $ 80,000 in 3D printers.

    The principle is that part of the production will be devoted to printing on demand, but the majority of my production will be devoted to parts in series for industries or fashion or trendy objects…, which sell quickly and which I could sell in my city Casablanca, like for example these sneakers created by RECREUS:
    I will produce other models of shoes, handbags ... Sneakers are just an example.

    So, I need printers that are:
    - Fast;
    - Capable of working 20 hours per day and durable;
    - Good quality printing;
    - Compatible with the maximum of types of filaments;
    - Offers a high degree of versatility with a large build volume;
    - Can produce quantities of parts in series for industry (Like Bombyxprod).

    But I don't know which printer corresponds to that, my knowledge in 3D printers is only theoretical, so the questions are:

    1. Should I buy ready-made 3D printers or buy the components and build them myself? like what Bombyx has managed to do:
    Not necessarily as sophisticated as Bombyx but which would cost me less in initial investment with better performance and quality, I admit that for the moment I do not know how I will do it if I actually go ahead with it (Bombyx does not sell its printers).

    2. Is it better for me to buy ready-made printers? In this case should I opt for the HicTop 3D Hero for example: HICTOP 24V D3 Hero Dual Independent Extruder IDEX 3D printer - Hictop 3d printer or the FlashForge : ?
    The price difference is huge and I don't know if this difference is worth it, is the FlashForge printer really worth 7 HicTop printers?

    3. Another question, does the very good visual quality of the Sneakers at the top, depend very much on the printing speed which is 90mm/s?
    If yes, does that mean that even if I buy fast printers, I cannot exceed 90mm/s in order to have a good quality?

    I know, each of my questions rases two more , sorry, but what do you think? do you have any other suggestions? Do you have any advice to give me ?

    Thank you

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    Hi Hicham, do you have any requirements for the materials you produce?

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