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    To be Iron Man for Halloween

    My kid decided that he wanted to be Iron Man for Halloween. I decided to print him a helmet because he was disappointed the costume just came with a mask. I posted on here asking what the best Iron Man helmet model was to print and was met with mostly replies saying some variation of “too late to start, you’re screwed”. I decided to ignore the naysayers and press on. It didn’t have to be perfect, just passable for a 5 year old on Halloween.

    So with all that stated here’s the progress pics and finished helmet. Is it perfect? Not even close. Is it passable for tonight....yup. This was started Sunday afternoon and finished up today. Everything is PETG at 0.25 layers printed on a single printer. I actually printed the main helmet part twice, in order to remedy a problem area. So effectively I could have printed two of these if I really wanted. Regardless of the less than perfect finished product (due to time constraints), it was a good experience to learn the post processing for a print of this type.

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