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    Cool use 3d printer to enjoy my parent-child time

    The 3D printer is really a magical product. I fell in love with 3D printing during the 3 year and six months of learning to use 3D printers due to my work needed. It prints artwork, ornaments, learning instruments, characters, buildings, toys, industrial parts and our own ideas. More and more 3D printing materials can meet the requirements of people's products for life. But these don't mean much to me. But as a mother of a 5-year-old child, what I want to do most is to develop my child's imagination and creativity. Imagination and Creating things need hands on to realize, the truth is financial problem and actual conditions make many childrenís ideas only in mind, or an drawings on papers.
    It is so luck for me to have this work and to know MakerPi 3D printer. MakerPi 3D printer is very satisfying, I print a lot of unique toys for him to share with his friends.Last weekend we print a car together.The 3D printer can help me and my son to print his inner thoughts, which is very cool process to help you how to cooperate with my daughter. When my son saw his pony for the first time, he was so amazed at incredible 3D printing and exited to have a first great 3D printing works in his life. It it my happiest moment to seeing the happy smile on my sonís face. I am very grateful to the inventor of the 3D printer and MakerPi company, so that I can complete the first creation of my son's thoughts with him. In the process of this practice, expand his idea, help him to better understand everything around he, and most importantly, develop his hands-on ability. Because of continuous practice and hands-on ability, we can create more and better things to serve humanity. I hope he can be a useful person to society.

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