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    Removing un-sintered powder from DMLS parts

    Greetings all!

    My name is Jonathan Andrews, and I am new to the forum (but not necessarily 3D printing). I joined the forum because I have a new issue that I cannot find good information on, and am hoping someone here can shed some light on the situation:

    My company has recently had some prototype components made from 316SS using a DMLS process. The component has two connected helix paths inside of a cylindrical geometry, which is designed to contain high pressure CO2 flow. Due to the geometry, much of the un-sintered powder remains in the helix paths after production, and we are having trouble removing the powder.

    The device is used in a system which can in some instances fall into food and drug production requirements. As such, we need to find a way to very thoroughly remove any un-sintered powder from the device, and very it's cleanliness. Does anyone have any thought on a process for removing the powder?

    NOTE: the ends of the flow path are tapped for 1/8 NPT, so I am leaning towards a solution that can utilize other material flow through the path (water, maybe some kind of cleaner?)

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

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