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    Question RAMPS 1.4, MEGA 2560, Marilin - Faulty temperatur reading. Need help changing the FW


    I hope someone can help me with a workaround for my problem....

    I have a printer with following setup:
    RAMPS 1.4 and Arduino Mega 2560
    Marlin firmware (currently 1.8.10 installed)
    Dual extruders

    I accidentally short circuit one of the extruder temp sensors. The consequence is that the reading is constant 235degC.
    I have isolated the problem to be on the Arduino Mega board - to be exact the input A13 is no longer working.
    (The RAMPS 1.4 has 3 inputs for temp sensors (T0, T1 and T2), and i'm using all of them.)

    As a solution I'm trying to figure out wherever I can make use of the Aux 2 inputs for one of the temp sensors. As far as I can see the AUX2 is connected to A10-12 on the Mega 2560 board.
    To do this i probably need to do some modifications in the Marlin FW - make the T0 temperature to be read from pin A10 instead of A13.
    Is there anyone who has tried something like this, who can give me some directions on where the changes needs to be made?
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