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    Question Where did you see printing technologies in near future?

    There are many problems and loopholes in our today's printing technology and we all wanted this to be fixed as soon as possible, so what do you think about printing technology and its innovation in near future?
    I know there is always a room for improvement at every stage but I think in the near future we will have a lot more efficient and automated machines as we have now.

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    Looking at how technologies and industries are transforming, I think that the future of printing technologies will bring in a lot of changes. We would witness the implementation of:

    Artificial Intelligence - to help restrict the printings according to the departments.

    Digitization - to allow users to scan and store documents on their devices. Further, it would empower print industries to reach a wider audience and streamline operations.

    Cloud Printing and 3D Printing - 3D printers are already in the market. However, in the near future, they would be a necessity rather than a luxury. Technologies are advancing, and the cost of 3D printing would reduce, making it a must-have. Besides, with eCommerce, cloud printing is not too far away. Print businesses will be able to work from anywhere and anytime.

    Overall, the future is bright, full of innovation and possibilities.

    Meanwhile, you can read our article - Printing Industry Trends 2020 and explore.

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