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    Newbie Saying Hi!

    Just joined the forum a few moments ago so thought I'd introduce myself and say hi - so, Hi!

    I have a Creality CP-01 3D printer that has pretty much been sat in the lack table enclosure I made ever since I bought it having done hardly any 3D Printing as my other hobby (collecting and restoring/refurbishing Retro Computers) got in the way when I had the opportunity to buy around 300 laptops for less than 1 each! Anyway, I digress...

    Other than the fact it's a nice 'toy' to have some fun one, the main reason I purchased a 3D Printer was to print things that I might need for my Retro Computing hobby. So far I have tried to print a fake battery to fit in to a Dell laptop (that was a failure as it simply didn't fit) and more recently I have printed some brackets to help me fit an SD card to IDE adapter in to a laptop better.

    I've also recently printed some Fallout 4 coasters for my colleague at work (only printed them yesterday) so hope to surprise him at work this week with them, I purchased some sticky rubber feet for them so they wont slide around the desk when you put a mug of tea on them.

    Anyway, that's enough of my rambling...

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