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    Post Take care of your masks - COVID-19

    Hello There..! I hope you will be fine…!

    As we all know in this current pandemic situation we need to be extra conscious regarding our health and safety measures. Especially those who are above 50. There are a few things to do, we all know to protect ourselves from getting infected especially when going outside these include:
    Washing Hand Frequently
    Wearing a Face Mask
    Avoiding Physical Contact
    Maintaining Distance etc.

    Here the most overlook part is wearing a face mask properly.
    I have seen a lot of people wearing same face mask for days and not taking care of it. Normal face masks are not meant to be used frequently, most of them are disposable. Also people often keep them in open air; touching them with bare hands makes them more vulnerable. If you have stock of face masks kept in open air or shopper, keeping them in Face Mask Boxes will be a reliable option. In this way they can be kept for long without being prone to Vulnerabilities.
    Also Try to avoid touching them from front, try to discard immediately in a closed bin, clean hands with alcohol-based hand rub or soap and water.
    Stay Safe…!

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