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I imagine everyone comes at 3d printing with something in mind. One appeal to 3d printing for me is running. I'm fascinated by the idea that major shoe companies are using 3d printing as part of the evolution for shoe development.

About a year ago, New Balance announced it's innovating via 3D printing.

"With 3D printing we are able to pursue performance customization at a new level to help our elite NB athletes and eventually all athletes. We believe this is the future of performance footwear and we are excited to bring this to consumers," says New Balance President and CEO Robert DeMartini.

Running shoes are at best a one size fits all tool. So as runners, we read many reviews (professional and otherwise), try different brands, and if we're lucky actually get fitted by a specialist from a place like Fleet Feet Sports to find that pair that comes closest to meeting our needs.

Is it possible one day we could be tested, measured and even have our shoes printed specifically for us? I hope so. And what about interchangeable soles? Click one on for road, one for trail and one for snow/ice. I can't help but wonder if that will be done as well.

The other really cool thing is the projects I've been seeing as it relates to Radio Control, another hobby I really enjoy. I've seen quad-copters, camera mounts, snow plows for r/c trucks and more. This really has jump-started my imagination toward what's possible.

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