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Bobby Lin

Don't Know How to 3d Print? Problem Solved!

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Do you have a unique idea in mind that you want to create and realize? Do you have a fantastic design of the dress you want to wear? Do you want to wear a dress made of Gold? Do you want to have a prosthetic arm made from Titanium? Do you want to physically see and touch the cellular models you studied in your Chemistry?


Whatever ideas you have, it is absolutely possible to make them realize in real life! You can transform your ideas into life through the power of 3d printing! 3d printing lets you print almost all of the concepts or ideas you have in your mind, at any material you want!

But wait, I donít know anything about 3d printing! I donít have a time to learn such a complicated skill! Does this mean a dead end for me? Wonít I be able to transform my awesome ideas into reality now?

Before you start panicking, take a deep calm of breath! Of course not! This is not the end for your ideas! Donít know how to do 3d printing? Problem Solved! Our website,, is the key to your problem! is the worlds first cloud based 3d printing service that offers opensource to design and commercial printing. What does this mean? It means you can have your ideas designed, 3d printed and delivered to them at an affordable price and you donít need to know about design.

3d Printing and transforming your ideas into life with Mylocal3DPrinting is as easy as 1,2,3!
1. Post your Idea on our website
Have an idea or concept in your mind but donít know how to design and 3d print them? Not a problem! You donít have to learn about 3d printing anymore! All you need to do is post your idea or concept on our website. Explain what you wanted to do with your concept, how you want to get it done, everything you want to name! And whatís more? Posting a Project on the website is for free! No hassle! Want to try it? Post Your Project Now!
Hire your 3d Designer To Design Your Concept
This is why you donít need to learn about 3d printing! Instead of learning how to 3d print, you can simply hire from our exceptional pool of 3d designers to design the concept for you! You can browse their profile and choose the one most suitable to do your project. Rest assured that hiring a 3d designer is affordable because of our crowdsourced platform. You can review the designerís milestones and progress as you go on with the project.

Print your 3d model with Us!
Last but not the least, you can purchase and print your 3d model through our website! Whatís more? Not only your 3d model is now customized according to your preference, but you can also have it printed with 31 materials and 100 colors and finishes to choose from!

You can also have your receipt labeling customized. This is really a great feature because it will help you save your costs on redistribution and repackaging fees. And if you are in business or an individual, you can have your parcel delivered directly to your client and promote your company brand or just have it personalized for gift giving.

Want to check these awesome features and see it for yourself? Start posting your project or creating your 3d designer profile now!

About the Author:

Bobby Lin is the co-founder of the recently launched 3d designing and printing crowdsourcing website, is an online work platform that centers on 3d designing and printing industry and it aims to help 3d entrepreneurs have their prototype created by an international pool of exceptional 3d designers at a relatively affordable crowdsourced price. If you are an entrepreneur that needs a prototype created, or a designer on the lookout for awesome projects proposed by 3d entrepreneurs, you can visit our website and post your project for free.

Bobby Lin is also interested in video production jobs and video editing jobs. And because of his passion for video industry, he will be launching his own website soon, called, which aims to help business leaders have their video concept created by an international pool of exceptional video creators and video editors at a relatively affordable price.

Grow your 3D business and career with We'll be happy to assist you in building your profile with us, contact me at your convenience.


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