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    TUHUI's latest crystal sticker flatbed printer

    The market is always developing. Individuals want to develop, and so do companies. If a company has not accumulated its own resources and technical strength, it will be eliminated sooner or later, especially for technology companies. We at TUHUI know this very well. We have Existing R&D and production power to produce the popular small uv printer, uv wall printer, dtg printer, etc. in the market. This year we officially released a small flatbed printer with crystal stickers. Crystal sticker is a kind of sticker that children like to play very much. The printing cycle used to be long and the quantity was large. Now it is printed by uv inkjet printer, printed at any time, and cut and used at any time. Simple and convenient, the crystal sticker has a wide range of applications, and it claims that everything can be pasted. Moreover, it is waterproof and heat resistant, and it is not easy to fall off. If you are in a country where there is a large demand for this kind of thing, you can consider it.

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